iWalk to School Day Events 2014

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Goals of iWalk to School Day include: encouraging lifestyle changes and promote physical activity; increase awareness of how walkable our community is and identify necessary improvements; reduce congestion near schools; teach children safe walking behaviors; and encourage parents to walk to school with children.

The 2015 even had a fantastic turnout of over 97.3 students throughout El Dorado County enjoying the benefits of walking to school. Children from Sierra and Schnell Schools in Placerville, Northside School in Cool, and Oak Meadow School in El Dorado Hills walked to school during this October event.

2015 El Dorado County Walk to School Day Participation




Sierra School



Schnell School



Oak Meadow

El Dorado Hills


Blue Oak/Camerado

Cameron Park


Northside School






We would like to thank the supporters and sponsors who helped to make this effort a success.

  • Sierra, Schnell, Oak Meadow, Blue Oak, Camerado, Pleasant Grove, and Northside School Principals
    and Parent Clubs
  • Placerville Police Department, Shield Volunteers
  • California Highway Patrol Placerville Police Department - Shield Volunteers
  • Marshall Foundation for Community Health
  • Marshall Medical Center Junior Volunteer Program for providing a $500 donation
    toward water bottles
  • Kinetico Water
  • Boa Vista Orchards
  • Alyson Fox, Parent
  • Tanya Moran, Marshall Foundation for Community Health
  • Bob Smart, Parks and Recreation Commissioner
  • and from the EDCTC Jerry Barton and Woodrow Deloria

For Walkability and Bikeability Audit information, click here

Smart Routes to School Program was developed by the 50 Corridor Transportation Management Association (TMA) with support from a steering committee consisting of representatives from jurisdictions along the 50 corridor, local communities, the business and development community, and officials in the areas of transportation, law enforcement, health, and education. The program provides information, encouragement and resources for individual schools to begin exploring Smart Routes to School. A "Smart Route" is any trip that doesn't involve one parent driving one student to school.

Smart Routes to School are:

  • Walking
  • Biking
  • Riding the school bus or taking public transit
  • carpooling with other students, or School Pool (more)
  • or, any combination of the above.
It is up to each school to determine its leadership model and level of participation in Smart Routes. Efforts can be volunteer led, staff led, or PTA led, or implemented by a community organization. Smart Routes Handbooks are being distributed to El Dorado County Schools. Download Brochure The goal of the Smart Routes to school Program is to engage and support more than 80% of students in their efforts to explore smarter routes to school. The goal will be tracked through a web-based program which will also be a resource for communication, education, and recognition. Learn more...