El Dorado County Park-and-Ride Facilities Master Plan
Transit Design Manual

Park-and-Ride Facilities Master Plan

The Park-and-Ride Facilities Master Plan calls for constructing nine new facilities in the next 20 years, at a total cost of nearly $40 million. As importantly, the Plan calls for EDCTA to assume primary responsibility for existing Park-and-Ride facilities in the county and sets forth an annual program to fund the upkeep and operation.

The Master Plan is available for download below.
Cover and Table of Contents
Capital Improvement Program
Maintenance and Operations
Financing Strategies
Implementation Measures

A – Assembly Bill 32
B – Model Maintenance and Operation Agreement
C – References
D – Detailed Capital Project Cost Estimates
E – Conceptual Layout Design for Capital Improvements

Transit Design Manual

The Transit Design Manual defines transit improvement standards appropriate to El Dorado County. The focus of the handbook is the specific standards for bus stop improvements and roadways along transit routes. These standards are intended to guide government agencies, commercial and residential developers, employers, and others in their efforts to provide useful, attractive, and safe transit facilities for the region’s transit patrons.

To download the 2007 Design Manual, click here

bus For Dial-A-Ride, Bus Schedules, or Commute information, please call 530.642.5363. For more information go to www.eldoradotransit.com.

EDCTC Social Service Transportation Advisory Council (SSTAC)

  • Advises the El Dorado County Transportation Commission on any major transit issues, including the coordination and consolidation of specialized transportation services.
  • Receives and documents information regarding transit needs at public meetings and/or hearings, and disseminates that to their constituents.
  • Advocates for transportation alternatives for those in your region and/or segment of the population, and represents those constituents at the EDCTA Transit Advisory Committee meetings.
Who sits on the SSTAC?

The SSTAC membership includes representatives of people or groups that are typically dependent upon public transit. These include senior citizens, the disabled, and low-income residents.

Our current SSTAC members are listed below along with their area of representation:
  • Consolidated Transp.Service Agency (2)
  • Potential Transit User - 60 years or older (1)
  • Potential Transit User - Commuter (1)
  • Potential Transit User - Handicapped (1)
  • Social Service Provider - Handicapped (2)
  • Social Service Provider - Limited Means (1)
  • Social Service Provider - Seniors (2)