Broadway Village Multi-Modal Implementation Plan

The Broadway Village area in the Eastern Placerville Improvement Plan


Background and Process

In October of 2007, the Broadway Village Association held a “Design Day” event where Broadway business and property owners, community members, and experts in the fields of planning, architecture, and transportation gathered to develop ideas on how to improve the Broadway Corridor. Ideas ranged from signage, traffic safety and access, outdoor art, landscape/streetscape, and architecture to public opinions about issues along the corridor. Shortly after that event, the Commission was approached by members of the Broadway Village Association including organization President Wendy Mattson and Secretary Ann McQuillen to pursue grant funding on behalf of the organization and the City of Placerville.

After receiving approval from the City of Placerville staff for the Commission to lead the effort, the grant was developed. In October of 2008 EDCTC was awarded $125,000 in Community Based Transportation Planning grant funds to develop the Broadway Village Multi-Modal Corridor Implementation Plan. The Broadway Village Multi-Modal Implementation Plan will help take the Design Day ideas from concept to implementation. The Plan will develop a long- and short-range vision for improved transportation and land use throughout the Broadway Village Corridor. The Plan will include proposals for improved non-motorized transportation facilities and improved landscape, streetscape, and transit facilities that encourage transit use and bicycle or pedestrian travel. The Plan will also propose safety, mobility, and operational improvements to improve vehicular circulation along the Broadway Corridor through improved access management to adjoining businesses.

The Broadway Village Multi-Modal Implementation planning effort kicked off in February 2009 with a Technical Advisory Committee meeting. A Stakeholders’ Advisory Committee (SAC) was established and ratified by the EDCTC Board in March 2009. Their role is to advise the consultants, City of Placerville, and EDCTC staff throughout the process. Thus far there have been four SAC meetings. A community meeting was held on September 9, 2009 at Schnell School in Placerville. The Draft Plan was presented to the EDCTC Board at the December 3, 2009 meeting. The Final Plan was presented to the EDCTC Board and accepted as complete at the February 4, 2010 meeting.
Final Plan
Cover Page and Acknowledgements
Multi-Modal Improvement Plan
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